Dandy'sĀ® Premium Sterilised Topsoil ( Weed Free )
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Premium Sterilised Weed Free Topsoil

Still full of nutrients and highly fetrile but free of weeds.  Made by blending 10mm screened topsoil and nutrient rich organic compost.

Rather than using chemicals, this soil is sterilised using just the right amount of heat to kill any seeds and weeds while retaining all the natural goodness.  This all helps give you the best start possible start for a wide veriety of jobs.

Please note that when this product leaves the yard it is completely weed free, once laid in its final resting place it probably won't stay that way! wind, rain, birds boots and other fluffy animals can bring in the odd seed and while you will have less weeding to do, there may still be a bit to do.

This is a premium product that is sterilised to order and made from scratch and not sterilised in bulk to eliminate the chance of contamination as it wouldnt stay sterile for long.  Due to this our normal 2-3 day turnaround may be extended slightly.

Covers approx 15m2 @ 50mm or 2" deep.

Available in 750ltr (1000kg) Bulk Bag (Dumpy, Jumbo, Tonne Bag) and 20ltr (25kg) Bags
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